ID Requirements

Boarders will need to bring their Macau ID and their passport. We will need the original Macau ID, held in trust in the Boarding Office; along with 2 color copies of a current/valid passport. This is a standard practice for us so that if we need to use Macau ID for any reason, we have it in the office.

Arrive with MOP

Boarders will need to bring MOP cash with them for two items:

A: $1000MOP as a refundable room damage deposit. The damage deposit will be paid to the TIS Finance Office in the North Wing TIS Office.You will be issued a TIS receipt for that refundable damage deposit.

B: $3000MOP cash to be paid to the Boarding Office in trust in her student account in our office. This money is for Boarders expenses that may come up while they live in Boarding i.e., entertainment, personal products, replace lost/damaged school inform, city bus card, etc. This account is managed by the Boarding Director and you will receive account updates SEM 1 and SEM 2. It’s also required that the cash is updated on a regular basis. TIS Boarding does not pay for students personal expenses. All cash turned in must be in MOP.


Boarders will need to purchase school uniforms, both the girls daily uniform and PE inform. Please contact the admission office to know how to purchase the school uniforms. Or we can help her to by them when she arrives in August but she will need to bring the correct amount of cash to make that purchase. Click here for TIS uniforms information:

Laptop Program at TIS

Boarders starting in Grade 10 in September 2017 will be required to arrive with their own Laptop. The two approved devices are the Macbook (Pro, Air or 12″) and the Chromebook. If you need to purchase a device, you can order one through the school or purchase one on your own. The deadline for school orders is June 23, 2017. Laptop order forms are attached.