Boarding School Fees

Fees are inclusive of dormitories, utilities, laundry, meals, supervision, bus service, use of facilities and consumables. These fees DO NOT include regular school fees.

These fees are for the 2017-2018 school year:

Full Boarding (7 days per week) 105,000 MOP / year
+ 6000 MOP (Refundable) Activity Fund
+ 200 MOP for new Boarding Students
Weekly Boarding (5 days per week) 82,500 MOP / year
+ 3000 MOP(Refundable) Activity Fund
+ 200 MOP for new Boarding Students
Casual Boarding 440 MOP / day
Other Boarding Fees

Boarders will need to arrive with MOP with them for two items:

A: $1000 MOP as a refundable room damage deposit. The damage deposit will be paid to the TIS Finance Office in the North Wing TIS Office.You will be issued a TIS receipt for that refundable damage deposit.

B: $3000 MOP cash to be paid to the Boarding Office in trust in the student account in the Boarding Office. This money is for Boarders expenses that may come up while they live in Boarding i.e., entertainment, personal products, replace lost/damaged school inform, city bus card, etc. This account is managed by the Boarding Director and you will receive account updates SEM 1 and SEM 2. It’s also required that the cash is updated on a regular basis. TIS Boarding does not pay for students personal expenses. All cash turned in must be in MOP.


As a non-profit school under the Macau University of Science and Technology Foundation, the School seeks to maintain a balanced budget. Any surpluses or deficits arising in a single year are redeployed or recovered, respectively, in subsequent years. All income received by the School is carefully spent to ensure an enriched and effective learning environment for students.

A concerted effort allowed us to qualify for more support funds from the local government (DSEJ).