YNOW Youth Conference

In 2013, TIS hosted our second youth conference. High school students from several schools in Macao and Hong Kong joined us and it was a great opportunity for our students to make friends and connections within the global community. Students chose the theme for the conference as “Be the Change” with the main topics being Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Education, Heath and Human Rights.

The conference started with students participating in various community service activities, such as beach cleanup, visiting a seniors home, walking dogs at the rescue shelter and cleaning up graffiti. The next day, guest speakers from the local business community offered sessions for the students and there was plenty of team time for the students to meet in small groups and discuss issues. The closing activity saw the student groups make a presentation to the entire student body on their chosen topic.

Laos Outreach

2013 saw the start of a new exchange program at TIS, which allowed our teachers the opportunity to mentor educators from developing countries and assist them on their journey to becoming practicing teachers in their home country. TIS partnered with GLOBE, a Canadian non-profit organization, and My Library in Luang Prabang to facilitate the program.

TIS teachers developed lessons and other activities and in October, a group travelled to Laos to work one-on-one with Laotian teachers. With the TIS mentors on hand to help and support, the Laotian teachers then had the opportunity to use their new-found knowledge by teaching 500 students at a local orphanage. One Laotian, Thai Thor, was then selected to participate in a 12 week internship at TIS. He worked alongside TIS teachers to learn teaching methods based on inquiry and hands-on learning as well as having the chance to explore Macao’s culture, customs and language.