TISPA Mission Statement – To support the school in its efforts to provide a well rounded education, in a safe and stimulating environment as well as fostering a sense of scholastic community.

TISPA has organized or been involved in many past activities including:

  • Mid Autumn Festival & BBQ
  • TIS Walk-a-thon
  • Christmas Donation Tree
  • TISPA Christmas Wonderland
  • TIS Community Days
  • Primary Sports Day
  • Easter Raffle
  • End of Year Party for Parents & Teachers
  • Welcome Back Party for Parents & Teachers
  • Mother’s & Father’s Day Gifts
  • Farewell Gifts for Teachers

TISPA is not involved in matters relating to the Educational Policy. This should be referred to the Principal. Matters relating to individual pupils should initially be referred to the class teacher.


The committee structure is comprised of members from the Executive Committee (elected), Subsidiary Committees Heads (elected), Committee Members (Volunteers), the Parent Liaison Officer (Volunteers) and Class Representatives (Volunteers).

Annual Committees

Education Committee – Helps to enrich and broaden children’s education and to raise awareness of different campaigns TISPA may be organizing.

Events Committee – Responsible for events such as the Mid Autumn Festival, Christmas Wonderland, Easter Raffle, and other fundraising initiatives.

Parent Liaison Officer and Class Rep Committee – Main contact for all Class Representatives. Will act as the Head Class Representative and schedule meetings, determine the agenda and organize forums for a 2-way communication regarding school and TISPA.

Class Representatives

Class Representatives have a vital role to play within the school. Not only are they the liaison between the class teacher and the class parents, they are also active in promoting a sense of community amongst the parents. Other roles might include:

  • Compiling a class telephone tree and email contacts. This will be used for emergencies, such as the closure of school for a typhoon or black rainstorm warning.
  • Encouraging a sense of “school” community amongst the parents.
  • Encouraging other parents to participate in school activities.
  • Lending a helping hand from time to time.

The Parent Liaison Officer will be our main contact and any relevant issues should be reported to her.

The role of Class Representative does not extend to issues relating to teaching or issues with individual students. Parents should talk to teachers individually regarding their own child. If there is an issue with a teacher, which cannot be resolved, the parent should then raise the matter with the Principal.