Kat Scott

What activities do you do while volunteering? I started doing the popcorn days and slowly got involved in more events, like helping out with community day and setting up for the school disco, being a pink Easter bunny and collecting the donations class by class. I love it all.

What motivates you to volunteer? Last year, my three boys kept on asking, “Mama why are you not a popcorn mummy?” Every dress down day I got the same question, so as soon as the new school year started I asked TISPA if I could join and lucky me, I was welcomed straight away!

Your most memorable moment? When I brought the big bag of popcorn to JK-4, a little girl in the class came to me and said to me, “Thank you for being a popcorn lady, Ally mummy!” Straight after that the whole class came to me and gave me a big cuddle and all I could hear was Alastair saying, That is my mummy!

Sarah Luvisutto

What activities do you do while volunteering? I help out where I’m needed most. TISPA puts on many wonderful events so there are always opportunities to help out. I’ve helped sell raffle tickets for the two main fundraising events, sell and distribute drinks at various events, assemble gift baskets for raffles and much more.

What motivates you to volunteer? Being involved at school gives me the opportunity to be connected with the various elements of school and lend a hand where needed. It shows my children that I take an interest in their education and sends a positive message that I value the work and effort they put in at school every day.

Your most memorable moment? The Easter raffle. When we showed up in the class rooms of the winning ticket holders, my son was lucky enough to win a basket, but the smile on his face when he saw me delivering all the baskets was priceless!

Kath Rose

What activities do you do while volunteering? I love helping at the hotdog stand, selling raffle tickets and preparing popcorn on dress down days. This year I also helped students get prepared for their school photographs.

What motivates you to volunteer? We chose TIS partly for its great community spirit. Volunteering sets a good example to our children to be involved in their wider community. It’s great to be a part of the events held at the school like the Mid-Autumn Festival and Community Days.

Your most memorable moment? My most memorable moment was when I dressed up as the Easter bunny to sell raffle tickets!