The IB Diploma Programme – An Overview

The IBDP is a balanced, two-year academic programme which requires students to take courses in a wide variety of subject disciplines. Student must choose one course in each of six subject groups:

Group 1 – Studies in Language and Literature
Group 2 – Language Acquisition
Group 3 – Individuals and Society
Group 4 – Experimental Sciences
Group 5 – Mathematics
Group 6 – The Arts

Of their six courses, students are required to select three at the Higher Level (HL) and three at the Standard Level (SL). Higher Level courses require 240 hours of instruction over two years, while the Standard Level courses require 150 hours of instruction.

Students also participate in the IB Core, which includes three components:

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
Extended Essay
Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

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Options for TIS Students

All students who attend TIS are enrolled in the Alberta High School Diploma programme. Every TIS student graduates with an Alberta High School Diploma, including IB students. With this in mind, three high school options are available to TIS students:

  • Alberta Diploma only with no IBDP
  • Alberta Diploma with selected IB courses
  • Alberta Diploma and the full IB Diploma

Both the Alberta and IB courses are delivered concurrently, so students who choose one of the IB options earn credit towards both diplomas.

Student Eligibility and Prerequisites for the IBDP

Since the IB Diploma Programme is a rigorous academic programme, students must meet certain eligibility requirements in their Grade 10 year before they can enroll. The goal is student success, so TIS strives to get students into the option that provides the greatest opportunity for them. Students must demonstrate the aptitude, work ethic and previous academic results before they will be considered for admission into the IBDP. These requirements are listed below.

Grade 10 students who are interested in the IBDP must:

  • complete Math 10C and Math 20-1 (or equivalents) before enrolling in the IB DP
  • complete all Dash 1 (or equivalent) courses
  • earn a final overall academic average of 70%
  • earn a minimum grade of 65% in all of the prerequisite courses for each of their IBDP Standard Level course selections
  • earn a minimum grade of 75% in all of the prerequisite courses for each of the IBDP Higher Level courses

Students make the decision to enroll in the IBDP when registering for their Grade 11 courses. This usually take place in January of their Grade 11 academic year.

IBDP Student Fees

There are additional costs associated with offering the IB Diploma Programme at TIS. For this reason, students must pay additional fees on top of their regular TIS annual tuition payments. A summary of those fees is listed below. All amounts must be paid annually in both years of the programme.

Full IB Diploma MOP 10 000
Up to Two (2) IB Courses MOP 5 000
Each Additional IB Course MOP 1 000
Extended Essay MOP 1 000


If you are interested or would like to learn more about the IB Diploma programme at TIS, please direct your inquiries to our Diploma Programme Coordinator, Ms. Jody Hubert.