Inclusive Philosophy
As an Inclusive school, TIS believes that all students have the ability to be successful and that the role of the school is to give every student the opportunity to achieve this.  At TiS we are able to provide a number of support services to assist with exceptional students, given that we have the capability to support and provide the adequate resources to the meet the needs of the student.

Inclusive Education
The Inclusive department at TIS consists of a team of Case managers and assistants who primarily work to support individual student learning and programming when it is required. Inclusive education case managers coordinate, plan and manage the Individual educational plans of some students, as well as provide strategies and interventions for students within the classroom.  The Inclusive education department teamwork to ensure that all students are given the chance to be successful as a learner

Social and Emotional Capabilities & Moral Education
At TIS,  students are encouraged to develop their social and emotional capabilities as well as their academic potential. Programs at TIS which focus on the importance of developing these skills  can be found in the
Moral and Civic  Education (MACE) program in 1-6, the Teacher Advisory Program 7-12,(TAP) and The Zones Program (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6).

The English language learners programme is integrated closely with the Alberta Education curriculum outcomes taught at TIS. Teaching professionals work alongside the classroom teachers to provide a variety of opportunities so that students can experience English language learning, for example through structured in-class or small group teaching when required. The primary objective of the ELL program at TIS is to upskill students so that they are able to gain full access to the English curriculum being taught.

Professional services available:

  • The Speech and Language Pathologist at TIS works closely with individual students and also small groups. The SPD is part of the Student Services case management team and also collaborates closely with class teachers on student programming and strategies. The SLP is also available for conducting screening and making recommendations for further language assessment when required.
  • The Psychologist and Guidance Counsellor team are an integral part of the Student Services Team who offer individual sessions and conduct screening and observations.  These services are available on request.
  • The Caritas  Counselling teamwork within  TIS, and are also able to provide social skill building programmes and counselling when requested.
  • Child Protection Support and Information- is available for anyone in the TIS community.

Please contact the Student Services head for any rooms are you require.

Where to Find the Student Services Centre
We are always available to chat and to offer information on what kind of services can be provided at TIS. We can be found on the third floor of the South Wing in the Student Services Centre.

TIS Pyramid of Support