Academic Counseling

We assist the students in selecting their courses for each school year, making sure they have the correct prerequisites that will allow them to complete their studies and graduate with an Alberta High School Diploma. Our senior students are beginning to think further into the future, most specifically about post-secondary education. There are a large number of colleges and universities that welcome graduates from TIS and making sure our students find the best place to further their studies is a very fulfilling experience. Our office has a library of resource materials available to both parents and students. These include such things as university calendars through to prep material for SAT tests. We organize and host post-secondary evenings where parents and students have the opportunity to talk directly with representatives from many different universities and colleges.

We also have a variety of other roles within the everyday life of the school. Our school is a very vibrant place with many people engaged in a wide variety of activities. This means that students, teachers and parents need to know what is going on and where they fit into the process. We do our best to try and find the necessary answers to all of these questions.

This is just a brief outline of our many and varied activities and responsibilities in the Student Services Office. Want to know more? Just drop by and we would be happy to help you.

Personal Counseling

Student, parent, and family counseling is available in English, Mandarin or Cantonese. Students may be referred to a counselor or parents may request that a counselor meet with their child. Additional appointments can be made in the office.

TIS Pyramid of Support