desktop computers   172

laptops   252

iPads   102

computer labs   3

smartboards   21

interactive projectors   72

We work on many digital projects in the classroom. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the things we have been doing in the elementary grades as we integrate technology into our lessons:

Video as a Tool for Learning – Using the iPads we can capture a moment of learning – from a science experiment, to a read aloud, to a classroom visitor or a field trip – we capture the moment on video, revisit it again and again, extend the learning and reflect on our learning experiences.

Google Earth in Social Studies – Using Google Earth has allowed us to give our students the opportunity to visit far away places from the comfort of the classroom. It is a wonderful tool for research and it is full of useful data. Using Google Earth we can see the natural landscape and human infrastructure in the countries that surround Macao. Google Earth has also allowed us to create and display a tour full of our own data and research findings.

Recording our Thinking – There are several apps on the iPads that we can use to record student thinking and voice. While recording as they think aloud, our students are given the opportunity to more fully explain ideas, to think about their own thinking and to clarify their understanding for themselves.

In all classrooms the use of technology allows our students to demonstrate their understanding in multiple ways. Technology also allows us to engage our students more deeply and thoughtfully which in turn makes the great things we do every day even better!